The Bonneville Bobber

Through time we have seen numerous builds and designs of full on custom “bobber” motorcycles.  Some only prefer those type of rides, some have them part of the collection.       Needless to say if you ride motorcycles you probably think that a bobber is cool or unique.  With the popularity of the bobber style motorcycle, no manufacture has come out with an OEM bobber from the factory…….until now!

IMG_0831Introducing the all new 1200cc, Liquid cooled Triumph Bonneville Bobber.  A motorcycle that will truly make your soul smile at the first twist of the throttle.  At first some people have been a bit weary on a “factory bobber” but when they take it for its first ride, there mind is flipped in the opposite direction.  It looks like a custom motorcycle, it handles like a long street triple.  It’s nimble, its comfortable and its very quick!  Electronic ride by wire throttle system incorporates a truly smooth feel and sophisticated rain and road modes.  Along with a traction control system that you can cut on and off.  The seat is adjustable for you taller riders, you are able to move it back quite a bit.  IMG_0888 This motorcycle truly is remarkable in looks, handling and comfortability.  You will not pull up to a stop light and see one beside you very often, if at all.  Your different, you stand out.  It’s cool to share the same bikes as your buddies if thats what you like, but for me being different is a must.

IMG_0873 The 1200cc HT Triumph inline twin engine produces -Max Power EC 77Hp (56.6kW) @ 6,100rpm -Max Torque EC 78.2FT-lbs (106Nm) @ 4,000rpm.  Its peppy, got plenty of character and will surprise anyone else you run into on the street that thinks they have a badder unit than you do!

MY17-Bobber-27-LF If you enjoy life the Bonneville Bobber is the perfect addition for you.  Thats what this motorcycle is all about is enjoying the ride and enjoying life.  Being free and getting away from our stress and problems of every day life just for a little bit!  The bike is full of history and culture, friends will drool, relatives will be jealous at thanksgiving but most importantly you will stand out from everyone else and have a ride that will last a lifetime.  Even if a buddy buys one too, you can each make it your own with the huge line of custom accessories available by Triumph.

IMG_0838 IMG_3446

Everyone ride safe, enjoy life.

Be yourself and “Go Your Own Way”

Tyler Gantt – Triumph of Harrisonburg

@mx818 / instgram / twitter

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